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How can I look after my lips as a man?

Many men develop dry lips in standard life or if you were ever in the armied services and in colder countries then it would be more serious for you with sometimes even blood coming out the lips which is no fun so how can we cure this ? Wel to ...

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How can I eat healthy as a diabetic?

Well we all like cakes more  less or sweet things  since taste so nice overall but if you want to keep all your body parts and eyes though being a diabetic you need to plan it so you stay healthy though out your life Fruit and vegetables? many of them ...

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Why is homemade soap so good for me?

Soup maker

Here the benefits first Provides us with a good source of vitamins and minerals You can also if you want to add say fish to since some of you like me might love fish soap since I eat it very often now and in general, fish is better for are ...

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