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Beauty tips for girls – Beauty Tips and Tricks

Beauty tips for girls – Beauty Tips and Tricks

Today I am going to tell you about Beauty Tips for Girls. In this Article, I will write about beauty tips for women.

“Beauty Tips for Girls” is all about Beauty Tips for Skin and Beauty Tips for Hair for Girls and for Women.

What are Beauty tips for Skin?

I will share here Some Beauty Tips for Skin

  1. Rubbing Grapes: You have to Rub Grapes on your face for glowing skin. You have to take some grapes and simply rub those grapes on your face. You can also mash it and use it for glowing skin.
  1. Honey: You can make your skin soft and be glowing using Honey with cream. Honey is the natural thing and it is very useful for healthy skin.
  1. Milk with turmeric and sandalwood: Mix Milk, Turmeric powder and Sandalwood powder very well and then apply on your face.  After Few Minutes you will see your skin glowing and fresh.
  1. Milk with Salt and Lime Juice: Milk is very important for Skin. Use milk with Very Little Salt and Lime juice, it will help you to clean skin pores.
  1. Tomato Juice: Tomato juice is also helping you to keep your skin soft and glowing. What you will have to do is just mix tomato juice with lemon juice and use it that’s it!

These are some Natural Beauty Tips for Skin and now I will share some Beauty Tips for Hair. You know Diet play the main role in both healthy skin and healthy hair so here I will share some Dieting Tips with you which is also used for better Hair.

For Normal Hair: Chicken, Fish is very good

For Dry Hair: Bananas, Brown Rice and Vegetables are important for dry hair. Nuts are useful too and you can also use Vitamin E Capsules.

For Oily Hair: Yogurt, Green Vegetables, fresh fruits and salad

Here are some Beauty tips for Hair:

  1. Egg: Everyone knows that egg is the very good source for healthy hair, Yolk is rich in Proteins and Fat and it can be used for moisturizing hair. White is for Oily hair and Yolk is for Dry Hair.
  2. Lemon Juice of Olive Oil: 2 tbsp of Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and water mix it well. Massage your scalp with that mixture and then rest 20 minutes then wash your hair to get your healthy hair with an itchy scalp.
  1. Avocado: Avocado is used for Frizzy Hair. Just Mashed Avocado and massage into your hair.
  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the main source of healthy hair and it is used for healing scalp. It normalizes the pH level.
  1. The Most important thing is that clean your hair regularly. Use good shampoo for Cleaning the Hair.

So here are some Beauty Tips. I Hope you like it. Please Stay tuned for more Beauty Tips and Tricks.

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