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Hair Problems
Fine solutions for your daily hair problems.

06 Hair hacks that every girl should know

If you are upset with your hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, oily hair etc, we bring you some useful hacks that really work. Invest in your hair as it is the crown you never take off.

  1. Too lazy to take a shower?

In winters to take shower daily with cold water is literally a nightmare. Suppose if you are invited to an unexpected Party but you don’t have time to take shower but your hair are oily and you can’t afford any expensive dry shampoo that can give your hair a perfect look for party. We have a perfect and easy solution to your problem. The cocoa powder in your kitchen is just the thing you need. Just take some cocoa powder and massage onto your scalp were it is greasy. It will absorb the oil and will give your hair just the right texture you want. If you don’t have cocoa powder at home you can also use baby powder, corn starch or Aloe Vera gel.

  1. Perfect curls in less time

If you want to curl your hair on your own but don’t know how to make sections of your hair. Or if you are running out of time but still want to curl your hair? We got a solution for it. Just tie your hair in a pony tail and then curl. This will require less time and less effort.

  1. Dear curls! Please stay

So you curl your hair with so much effort but it didn’t stay even for an hour. You don’t need to buy an expensive spray for this. We got a perfect hack for this one. You only need 3 oz water, 1 Tsp of salt and 1 Tsp of coconut oil and mix it you can also add gel to it. Fill the mixture in the spray bottle and just give your hair the texture that you want.

  1. No more hair fall

If you are finding a solution to your hair fall problem than you should know these few things and we are sure it will lessen your hair fall.

  • If you are the one who use too much shampoo. It’s totally a wrong way. You don’t have to paint your every single hair with shampoo, just take small quantity of shampoo and massage your scalp and just wash. Too much quantity of shampoo is not good for your hair.
  • According to a research “over-thinking” is also a reason for hair fall. If you are over-thinking on any issue it not good neither for you nor for your pretty hairs. So just stop over-thinking and relax.
  • So use coconut oil or any other oil that is easily available. We know you don’t like using oil but trust me it will give shine and would bring hair-fall problem to an end.
  • Use mashed banana and apply to the scalp and say good bye to hair loss.
  1. Don’t have Volume in hair? No problem

Most of us have frizzy hair that looks thick but when you straighten your hair it does not looks volume hair. We have a perfect hack for this one. Just straighten your hair straight up. This will give it a volume look from roots without any extra effort or any other expensive spray.

  1. Say Good Bye to dandruff

If thick and long hair is a dream for you, we can make your dream come true. Take aloe Vera and take out the gel from it and blend into the blender, this will make it in a liquid form. Massage onto your scalp and leave it overnight. This will make your hair shiny and thick and lessen the dandruff. Try it, this will absolutely work.


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