Benefits of guava
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Benefits of guava

Benefits of guava

Guava found in fruit that is perhaps not so important in terms of taste, but very high in terms of features.

There are many tiny seeds inside it which are very hard but lack the outer layer peels. Thus it is engrossed in the pure state chewing. This is laxatives and is helpful for gastroenteritis. It is light green soft fruit. The interior is white, which is called the pulp. If you eat raw guava is useful. A special kind of guava pulp is light pink color.

Vitamin & Minerals:

The research that has been concluded that guava anti-oxidants qualities. Anti-oxidants they are micronutrients protect the cells from being shattered. Broken cells are helpless to the effects of aging on the skin. Skin wrinkles and folds are beginning to appear and why cancer cells become extremely negative and harmful effects are of Anti-oxidants do away with these free radicals which are causing these disadvantages and drawbacks. In this evaluation, it has been found that guava in India, the fruit of the poor, Other fruits such as, pomegranates, bananas, verse, mango, apple, plum and grape higher than the guava fruit is rich in anti-oxidants. 500 mg 100 mg guavas are anti-oxidants the equal to 330 mg of plum, apple and banana 135 mg and 30 mg anti-oxidants occur only.

The total of fruit surprisingly been found that more than any other fruit. Guava is rich in vitamin C intake of 212 mg of vitamin C, while the most famous orange or tangerine fruit per 100 grams of vitamin C intake is 40 mg. If you ate guava weighing 90 grams of vitamin C daily needs can be met. Keep in mind that vitamin C major protein found in muscle collagen, In addition, the making of healthy skin and tissue is needed. Vitamin C is an influential anti-oxidant which enhances system diseases, cancer and heart disease reserves. On the other hand, when ripe guava more vitamin C intake is reduced.

Niacin in guava and potassium, which are also present in large quantity in the blood pressure are moderate. In guava pulp and seeds of the pectin in the case of non-soluble fiber are soluble and which helps keep cholesterol levels stumpy.

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Guava oil is extracted from the seeds, which is iodine and the proven loom is very useful. Vitamin A or carotene in guava, except other minerals, as well as small amounts of phosphorus and calcium are more. Well ripe guava plays a vital role in relieving constipation. Guava is a fruit based flavors are the favorites, but is helpful in terms of facial appearance.

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