Benefits of Onions
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Benefits of Onions


Benefits of Onions

Today I’m going to describe something that roughly every house uses couple of times in the morning and in evening in their different dishes. That is Onions….yes! Onions effects human body in a different ways. Such as it used as a spicy curry for flavor. Eating onions can cure jaundice, constant cough, heart burn and mucus. Onions also used as marinade vinegar for better urine. If you’re having inflammation of the eye than white onions mix with honey is really beneficial.

Advantages of Onions:

  • It heals the poisonous bites.
  • White onions juice combines with honey and ripe to make candy and eat it will clear your physical weak point.
  • It cures the irritation, sniffed it and put in the ear the pain will go away.
  • Eating onions frequently does not crumble in the roots of the teeth.
  • By eating onions people who have panic and ammonia sharply comes to their senses.



Other benefits of onions:

  • Smell of the onions makes pain in the head but it decreases the harshness of cold.
  • Smell of the onions also is beneficial it eliminates the stomach intestinal bacteria.
  • An onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper salad is really helpful.
  • Onions placed in a warm place can distend heart and kidney disease.
  • Onion juice mixed with honey can get rid of the old cough.
  • Cholera outburst if you drink onion and lime juice mixed with water.
  • Onion, honey and oil cooked till it gets thick helps to reduce nervousness and tiredness.
  • Mixed Onions honey and eggs will benefits health in the growth of the children.

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