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Weight Loss – not easy but worth it

Weight loss

Health is not a goal. It’s a way of living. We know that cheesy Pizzas, carbonated drinks are delicious to eat but the thing you don’t know, is that it’s a slow poison for your health. If you drink any of the carbonated drinks a lot of sugar hit your ...

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Best tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

tips to loose weight after c section

Are you scared of looking at the mirror due to increased weight after your C-Section? Now you don’t have to worry anymore. Because now we have come up with the best tips to lose weight after C-Section.

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Tips to reduce fats

One of the major problems people face is fat in today’s life style. Fat is generally produced in a body which lacks physical exercise. One of the leading factors that cause fat production is laziness. Fat tissues are made up of fat cells, which is a unique type of cell. ...

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Diet can play an important role in lowering your cholesterol. However fruits and veggies are full of cholesterol-lowering antioxidants that will help in keeping you healthy. A few simple tweaks to your diet like these, along with exercise and other heart-healthy habits might help you lower your cholesterol.

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Are you sick of being fat? Tried everything but useless? Even medication is not working? Don’t worry it happens sometimes. Don’t be disheartened. There are some easy and effective ways to lose weight.

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Food plays an important role in the functioning of different systems in our body. A balanced diet reduces the risk of heart disease, cancers, problems of blood pressures and others. Like these problems diet plays an essential role in the proper functioning of brain.

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Diet Plans

Diet Plans Selected menu’s is for a person whose fit, not for a sick person: We have dozens of fruits and vegetables that come in different seasons. You just have to eat the one that can easily digest. Breakfast: bread, plain bread, oily bread, butter, milk with dates, milk, milk ...

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