How can I eat healthy as a diabetic?
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How can I eat healthy as a diabetic?

Well we all like cakes more  less or sweet things  since taste so nice overall but if you want to keep all your body parts and eyes though being a diabetic you need to plan it so you stay healthy though out your life

Fruit and vegetables?

many of them provide us with many health benefits such as banana is good source of energy and sugar level so saw you are going to do garden work well this can be good food source for you since it allows us to live are life with out having to keep eating  things all the time to boost up are sugar levels Banana photo

Apple is good to eat since it’s not as sweet as banana but still provides you a okay amount of energy though each one you eat  plus nice minerals with it.

Grapes since very low in sugar you can eat basically any amount and never get high from it so it can be great thing to have in your house when you want to eat but not experience hyper conditions .

Milkshake  you may be thinking wait that’s so unhealthy? Wrong when compared to drinks like coca cola or other high sugar drinks it’s actual okay for you or me to drink it often and having milk in it gives us good health benefits as well it can be important part of diabetic life this drink since it’s fairly healthy for are teeth are diabetic condition as well plus very tasty to drik often.

Squashes you can get many of them unsweeted or sugar free which is good if you like drinking them a lot like me since this can give  you good source of water 24/7 when you want it and if you work outside like me then having regular drinks very important for staying healthy and fit during works or jobs you do in life outside.

Eating meat like cows this can healthy if you eat it  in small way since it gives us a good source of protein which we need often to stay feeling well and it’s very tasty and the same goes for pigs

Fish meat is very good quality one since it contains Omega  in the fish so eating this often can make you feel better and stay healthy from colds or other illinesses  you can also get this in soup form if you have not had believe I strongly recommend you try it since it is incredibly tasty you can make yourself or buy it depending on what works best for you or your friends or family memembers

Indian food why so healthy?

Various fruit and vegetables

Well it contains less bad quality things in it like extra sugar or cream which many British food makers put in there food to make it tastier or cheaper to make  it and  real Indian food will overall contain a good amount of vegetables in it overall so you could even in some cases get 1 or more fruit and vegetable count from one meal you eat a day so you will probably after eating it like me a lot feel better in life and get less colds I found myself just from eating this style of food on regular basic


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