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Diabetes Medication

Diabetes Medication involves more than a few types of treatments. They work in dissimilar kind of ways. They major reason of these medications is to assist lower blood glucose levels. Each individual being the victim of Diabetes requires Diabetes medication according  to his own needs. Therefore discussing with the health doctor about different types of medication available and finding the appropriate one for the symptom becomes crucial. Diabetes medication only work properly when taken regularly depending on the doctor’s recommendation about when to take , whether to take it before meal or after and so on. However, each individual can expect one or more types of medication prescribed by the doctor depending on what type of Diabetes the person has.  Type 1 and Type 2 are the most common.  In type 2 the individual may have to need extra help regardless of having a good diet and physical activity to maintain and balance the blood glucose levels.

There Are several Types:

Diabetes Medication available which are widely used and have shown significant positive results:

JANUVIA –  It comes in the form of tablet and is known to help maintain blood sugar level.  It is made for people with Type 2 Diabetes Only.  The medicine however, comes with risks of side effects which can become severe so precaution is advised.  it does not harm unborn child for women  who are or want to get pregnant.

Novolog –  It is a mealtime fast-acting form of insulin. It helps lowering the blood glucose level. Unlike JANUVIA , it is used for treating only Type 1 diabetes among adults and children at least 2 years old. It can be given with other type of insulin medication as well.  It works very quickly and usually is taken before meals preferably 10 minutes before eating. Novolog is not for people who are allergic to insulin. Individuals are advised to strictly follow the prescription plan. It comes in a form of injection and should not be used at the same place twice.

Humalog –  It is a fast-acting insulin taken 15 minutes before or after meals just like Novolog.  It is used to treat type 1 diabetes but can be given with other insulin medication to treat type 2 diabetes as well.  It is given as part of a complete program which may include diet , exercise , weight control  and body care such as eye , foot and dental care.

Victoza –  It is used to treat type 2 diabetes only.  It works by increasing the insulin levels in the body. The individual maybe asked to present any current illness or family history for health purposes to be sure the person if fit to take the medication. It comes as a prefilled injection pen and can be used any time of the day with, or without a meal.  There are several side effects mentioned in the guide given with the medication to make sure you seek help immediately if any symptom arises.

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To Sum Up:

As medical science is progressing, Diabetes Medication is also taking benefit from it with more and more efficient medication becoming available for treatment Diabetes illness. We will keep you guys updated as soon as somthing new and promising becomes available.

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