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tips to loose weight after c section

Best tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Are you scared of looking at the mirror due to increased weight after your C-Section? Now you don’t have to worry anymore. Because now we have come up with the best tips to lose weight after C-Section.

Here are some of the possible best tips to lose weight after pregnancy :

Do not diet:

It might seem strange but instead of dieting, women should try to get a well-balanced diet. Use fruits and vegetables when you feel hungry. Dieting is not suggested to women who are breast feeding. Plan your meals which are rich in nutrients but low in fats.

Breast Feeding:

Yes, breast feeding actually helps you in losing your weight. It helps in burning approximately 300 to 500 calories per day. So, breast feeding helps in maintaining your baby’s health as well as it is also beneficial for you in losing weight.


It is one of the most popularly suggested way to lose weight after C-Section. Start walking up to 500 metres per day. You can extend distance up to your body capacity. Once you get used to it, add it in your routine. Walking helps you in burning your fats rapidly. Meanwhile, it also helps in increasing your energy intensities likewise.


Once you are used to walking and you have set your diet plans. Now you can move to further stages. Try water exercises, such as swimming. Water exercises are the best ways to get in the pre pregnancy body shape. This is so because these exercises are kind on body muscles.


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