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Selected menu’s is for a person whose fit, not for a sick person:

We have dozens of fruits and vegetables that come in different seasons. You just have to eat the one that can easily digest.

Breakfast: bread, plain bread, oily bread, butter, milk with dates, milk, milk shake of different fruits such as, banana, apple, pineapple, strawberry, put some water melon, milk Laban, yogurt Laban, sweet mix with milk. Etc. eats according to the seasons.

Best foods for afternoon:

Afternoon is the best time to get multiple nutrients from differ foods. You can make schedule for each day. For instance, On Monday you can eat butternut squash with meat, halva butternut squash with meat, mangos and banana. On Tuesday chickpeas with rice, brown rice, plain rice, tangerine and orange. Have on Wednesday radish curry, white turnip and carrot with peas. Eat on Thursday okra, pomegranate and plums. On Friday mix lentils, split Bengal gram, split black gram and tangerine. On Saturday cauliflower with potato, red beans, dates and apricot. On the last day of the week Sunday, eat steamed fish, Laban, curry, mix vegetables, grapes and papaya.

Eating all of these foods or meals in the afternoon just because in the afternoon people feel so hungry, and if you feel hungry food become more delicious and you feel active, and this meals digests quickly. Just to know these are the best diets you can have, according to this food chart i only focused on young people not too old. Heart disease people should avoid oily foods. Just to following my food plan they won’t increase their cholesterol.


In evening:

Eat whatever left in the afternoon or take plain bread, hot milk, milk with sprite, ice cream, milk with sweets.

NOTE: Apple, melons, watermelons and pear don’t drink water after eating these fruits; if you drink you might get into stomach drawback. Don’t make your stomach full keep some part empty and duration between meals should be about 6 hours, you should drink water before 30 to 45mins of your meal because it washes your veins throughout your body so the food can digest easily. Don’t eat too much of spicy foods because it swollen your stomach. Try to eat your dinner before Maghreb prayers or quickly after it helps your stomach to work properly and you won’t get any disease. If you just think that you’re eating only to pray to Allah it wills gives you so much benefits and award from Allah.
Eating all the fruits according to the seasons will keep you away from the sickness but eat in a limit don’t exceeds if you do it will harm you. In winter people who will don’t drink tea and in summer don’t drinks cold water shall be save from stomach disease. During your meal don’t drink water and if you feel urge just drink a bit which doesn’t thinner your food if it does then enzymes will become less to digest the mood and if you do this again and again your stomach will get weak.

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