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Military diet plan-3 day Military Diet Plan

Basically, Military diet plan is well structured and intermittent eating for a whole week. Say for, it includes three times meal, however, consumptions of calories are very restricted in this diet plan.

This instant and promising method to lose ten pounds of weight just in a week popular choice among famous celebrities, sports persons, athletes, and most importantly military soldiers adopt to rapidly lose weight as well.


What is the military diet plan work within 3 days?

It is similar to other types of weight loss obviously focused on diet plan, but the only difference it suggests to eat specific food containing significant amount of 1100 to 1300 calories for three days.

So, while going on with such disciplined low on calories diet, there also four days of week allow for slight increase up to 1500 calories on remaining every day.

Military diet plan 3 days menu

Usually, 3 days military diet plan menu is divided into phases. Considering first three days eating low calories in diet as phase one.

Moreover, little leniency given for eating healthy food items during other four days of week but listed within estimated calories range that to be followed as phase two.

Adhering by this procedure makes sure, once the goal of weight loss in a week is achieved. Also strong will power is needed to maintain it.

 Military diet plan menu for first three days (phase 1)

 Day one meals:


Grapefruit ½ Cups

1 Slice of toast / bread

1 Cup of coffee or tea (without sugar)

Snack: – Half (½) Banana

Lunch: –

½ cup Tuna

1 Slice of toast

Coffee or Tea 1 cup (caffeinated)

Snack: – 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Dinner: –

3 ounces of meat (any type) / Substitute for Vegans

1 cup of green beans, 1 small apple

Day two meals:


½ of Banana

1 Slice of toast

1 hard-boiled egg

Lunch: –

1 cheddar of cheese

1 hard-boiled egg

5 saltine crackers

Snack: – 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

Dinner: –

3 ounces of any meat / Substitute for Vegans

1 cup of broccoli

½ cup of carrots

Day three meals:


1 small apple

1 Cheddar of cheese

5 saltine crackers

Snack: – ½ of Banana

Lunch: –

1 Slice of toast

1 hard-boiled egg

Snack: – 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

Dinner: –

1 cup of Tuna


Military diet plan menu last 4 days of week (phase 2)

As said, there shall be no advised food plan after strict menu for three days in beginning of week. Just carefully avoid fast food, otherwise can eat vegetables and fruits to obtain not exceedingly 1500 calories in other last four days each.

Is the Military Diet Safe? Are the Weight Results Sustainable?

Military diet plan health risks are very minimum for an average person pertaining to Body Mass Index.

Unless, if it is persistently applied for over the period of months without any gap. Because, human body also needs nutrients to nourish body organ to carry functions properly. It is essential to take a little rest for fewer days.

There should not be fear of weight gain, skipping merely for few days would not change things in an overall scenario. Sustainability depends on the individuals’ smartness that how one carries along with this weight loss program.

Can You Lose 10 pounds in a week?

Off course, you can lose 10 pounds in a week. Just seriously give a try to military diet plan and understand how it works for long term. There have already been discussed every single step with detail in previous sections of this literature.

Military Diet Tips to Get the Best Weight Loss Results

Foremost thing to keep the weight under control is eating ideal proportion of meal. Food cravings could ruin all the efforts, to deal with problem of unnecessary eating always drink at least ½ to 1 liter of water.

Before starting military diet, make little changes in grocery purchases and empty the refrigerator off calories rich food.

Military diet plan in itself is a complete method of weight loss for desired results.

Light exercises for example, jogging and walking help in burning fats and toning body in shape.

Abstain from drinking starchy soft drinks and alcohol.

 Does the Military Diet Work for Long

Solely relying on military diet plans for long term results will be naïve decision ever, no doubt it give results within short span of days. Despite, of that for lasting results, along with military diet also lifestyle changes will certainly ensure for best weight loss maintenance.

How many times can I follow the 3 day diet in a month?

Ideally you can follow this 3 day military diet twice in a month. In between, gap of one week is mandatory.

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