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Weight loss

Weight Loss – not easy but worth it

Health is not a goal. It’s a way of living. We know that cheesy Pizzas, carbonated drinks are delicious to eat but the thing you don’t know, is that it’s a slow poison for your health. If you drink any of the carbonated drinks a lot of sugar hit your stomach and you gain loads of calories. According to research if you want to lose calories that you gained from a 300ml tin can you have to walk briskly for half an hour. So avoid unhealthy food as much as you can. Weight loss is a mind game, Change your mind, change your body.

If you have already gained a lot of fat we got for you easy solutions to lose it. You neither have to go to fancy gyms or to buy special foods or drinks to lose weight. If you want to be in shape just alter your few habits into healthy routines.

What you love RESTURANT or FOOD?

Avoid eating in restaurants in routine but if you do its better to order salads. Don’t worry you can eat but just once or twice a month. Kerri Butler said “I used to eat out at restaurants up to nine times a week. By cutting back to just one time in a week I have lost 20 pounds in one month.”

Create obstacle for the love of Craving of Snacks.

Are you the one who buys snacks even when you are out for grocery shopping? Change your habit. From now on if you want to eat any chips or candy you should walk and go get it. We are sure you would ignore your craving for snacks because of this inconvenience. Heather Del Baso from Worcester said that I have achieved my goal weight by acquiring this habit.

Snacks? Then why not one with Low fats?

If you are a snack lover and can’t quit the habit try to eat low calories snacks. Lori Fedman from Cocout Creek said “I totally cleaned out my pantry. Once I replaced the foods I used to overindulge in like ice cream with lower calorie snacks such as roasted sunflower seeds. I began making better choices automatically. Now I am slimmer than I was before.”

Why GOD has given us LEGS?? Give it a thought.

From your busy routine take out some time for yourself and go for a walk. If you find it boring then take out your friend with you. It would surely help to lose pounds of weight. Jamie Altholz said she lost 50 pounds by making it a daily routine.

At least EAT green if you don’t want to WEAR green.

Try to add more green in your life. The vegetables with green color are healthier to eat and are source of quick weight loss. Drinking green tea can help you lose fat.

Dance- A fun way to lose body fat

Aerobics is the most fun way to lose weight. Morgan Howe from Rochester New York claimed that “Two months ago, I started going to Zumba twice a week. The crazy dance routines really tone your muscles especially legs and abs. I have almost reached my goal weight.”


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