How To Get rid of Insomnia
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Best tips to get rid of insomnia

How To Get rid of Insomnia

Are you tired of your sleepless nights? Don’t you want to look fresh and healthy? The answer is yes. Everyone in this world wants to look fresh and vigorous. But for this you have to take 8 hours sleep. Let’s take a look at the best tips to get rid of insomnia.

Adjust Coffee Timings:

Say no to coffee at odd timings. Make sure you have no caffeine in your system at least 7 hours before. It results in excess urine problem over night or else it keeps your mind fresh. As a result you could not sleep in night.

Keep Cellular Phone Away:

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction. They keeps you up whole night. Turn off your cellular phones before going to bed. In addition to that these touch screens produce wavelength which effects the production of sleep hormones. Keep your mobiles phones, tablets and iPad away before sleeping.

Roses and Oils:

Smell roses before going to bed. Vital oils are also suggested because these oils helps in reducing your stress. Roses are considered the best natural tranquiliser. Try to use those oils which have excess lavender quantity. Use comforting room fresheners.

Yoga Techniques and Practices:

Yoga helps a lot in calming your mind as well as your body. Make yoga your habit before going to bed. If you have a restless day, try shoulder and back yoga techniques. Use gentle poses which do not require much effort but reduces your tension.


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