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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

In this world who ever lives need food such as, animals, birds, humans, flowers, sand and trees everyone takes food what they need from the earth. If we look into this universe sometimes our need becomes someone’s need. To make-work humans’ body, it needs food twice a day respectively. God give so many gifts from which food is one of them.

Purpose Of Food

People eat food for different purposes, some eat just to fulfill their stomach, few eat just to feel active or to build their muscles and some eat just to breath.So they have energy to pray to god. Everyone needs food to live, if he chooses to eat a specific food, it provides him energy to go through a day. If you eat food without any purpose, it wastes your energy and makes space for illness in your body.

Food is a God’s Gift

Food is a god’s gift and it has ability to make blood in your body. Whatever we eat it goes to our stomach and make blood, some of the useless waste come out through bladder. If we eat healthy food it makes a clean blood in your body and if we take unhealthy food it thinker our blood.

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