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Health Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits, both contains less calories as well as fats. Vegetables also contain large quantities of essential minerals and nutrients which are required by a human body. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of green leafy vegetables


Kale is considered as one of the healthiest vegetables among all. It is beneficial for human health. It is full of vitamin C and D. It also contains appropriate quantity of calcium in it. It is known as the dynamo of vegetables. Hence, it is very beneficial for internal human body.


Spinach is considered as one of the biggest source of iron. It contains a lot of vitamins including A, K, D as well as vitamin E. It is very beneficial for cancer patients as it contains anti-cancer substances. It is also useful for solidification of bones and joints.


Cabbage is available in many forms. Mostly it is available in red and green colour. It is rich in vitamin C which is a well-known cancer fighter vitamin. Cabbage can be used in raw form. It can be used in salads or serves with burgers. It contains least amount of calories. Therefore, it is likewise suggested to add cabbage in your daily meals.


Broccoli has large amount of vitamin A and C. It is also rich in potassium. It is good for health because it contains only 25 calories at the time of its serving. It regulates the internal body system and makes the person healthy.


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