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Healthy eating tip 1: nutrition and food

Healthy food is something when you look at it you feel urge to have some of it. There are some diets and have a great odor when you smell of it and you can’t just wait to eat it. The ability to attest a good food is really important and in my opinion these foods are very good indigestion. A healthy eating tips, Good diet is something when you eat you feels desire to eat more and more.

Healthy eating tip 2: balanced diet

A healthy eating tips or a diet, which digests quickly, is called a balanced diet and eating balanced diet makes you feel fresh and active, also little period of time you feel starving again. You become healthy and fair your color. To express a good diet is that which makes you healthier and provide energy to each part of the body. What is healthiness? All body, mind and surroundings are the actual key of your healthiness. For example: there are more than two people and both do not have the same food or diet why? I tell you and make you understand why? These are the foods, which are balanced in diet, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk and fruits, such as, mangoes, banana, and apple Etc. but I will prove to you that these foods are not good for each individual. A person has these problems such as, sugar and blood pressure. If you give him a fish, meat and eggs it will increase his sugar and blood pressure. Meat, fish and eggs usually increase blood pressure. If a person have cholesterol and taking eggs so he inviting his death because already in eggs there are 60 grams of cholesterol. People who have stomach problem or vomiting issue then milk is not recommendable. If someone has weak stomach he should not have an apple because it fills gas in his stomach and it will not digest easily. A verse is popular about apple is, if you want to eat apple, eat it in the morning and put some salt before you eat and if your serving to guest give them in afternoon, moreover if you have an enemy give them at night and that person will move around on the bed. Old people quotes are true because of their experiences in life. We put together some of the diets which are good for your health. Anyone can starve to eat these foods even if they’re full. These foods are the shine of rich people dining but who will eat them. A person who needs it eats these diets. After explaining all of this the conclusion is not all the foods are good for all people. It depends on a person’s body which diet is perfect for him. For instance, if someone is not thirsty and you force him to drink two glass of water then what will happen? Stomach will be stretched, you won’t feel hungry, and you shall feel pain in your legs and back, blood pressure become low and why it happened he just drunk two glass of water because he doesn’t need even a single sip. Healthy eating tips, On the other hand, a person who have problem doing urine, if he drinks 4 glass of water it will benefit him except any loss. He will start urine normally and satisfied after drinking water, relaxed and even he will feel eat more, drinking water in this condition benefits him.



Moreover, who will tell which diet is good or bad for a person who’s sitting next to you? The reason is to write this article, that each person should know which diet is best for him. I will try to give you the best way to maintain your dietary plan which everyone will understand.

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