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Some useful points

Some useful points

Few things you should know about eating food, why?

I described so many things about food and diets, which I know from my childhood up till now but I want to reveal some of them to you that will benefits you throughout your life.

  • Allah provides us food from different sources, which keep us alive and grow our body, without food we can’t survive. A person just know how to full his stomach but reality is that the things we eat it goes to the stomach and change into something which boost your body, some is good for brain, some for liver, some keep stomach healthy that’s why we should keep looking what we are taking and their differ doles. Just to eat same things again and again will not benefit you better to eat different things daily? Some people think milk is full of everything but milk can’t gives you other essentials nutrients which you can get from meat, bread give you carbohydrates but you can’t get oil and salty nutrients.


  • Morning walk is really important try to make your daily routine if you want to be fit.

  • Try your best to eat fresh food, its better not to eat if food is inhabitant and rotten because it will harm you.

  • Keep your food in a clean dishes or cabinets.

  • Follow Muhammad (PBUH) sunnah to eat, if you’re hungry and willing to eat 2 bread keep a bit space in your stomach so eat 1 and a half bread.


  • You should drink water before 30minutes of your meal because it will clean your bacterial compounds from your veins. If you feel really thirsty during your meal try to drink some of it, which won’t make food thinner, if food get solvent it will take time to digest.

  • After your meals don’t drink water at least for 2 hours because stomach busy digesting food you ate. And if you keep this routine of drinking water after meal then It will convert into some disease.

  • Eat food when you feel hungry or when the time, don’t eat unusual time just because you like food.

  • Doesn’t eat two different meats at the same time because each meat takes altered time to digest.

  • In your three meals add fruits to your one meal because it has so many vitamins and nutrients which your body needs.

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