Why is homemade soap so good for me?
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Why is homemade soap so good for me?

Here the benefits first

  1. Provides us with a good source of vitamins and minerals
  2. You can also if you want to add say fish to since some of you like me might love fish soap since I eat it very often now and in general, fish is better for are bodies than say cows or pigs we could eat since fish contains omega three which is very good way to stay health
  3. Traditional food
  4. Very easy to clean it up once you made it
  5. So easy to make
  6. Made from your home
  7. Warm or cold you can have it depending on your needs or wants a like
  8. Good source of water as well you may not know this but drinking lot’s of water me us feel better
  9. One of the world’s healest food
  10. Light in the stomach so need to worry about having trouble disgusting it
  11. Tasty to drink all the time

    Where can I drink this?

  • With friends
  • With family
  • By yourself
  • with a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Work
  • outside
  • inside
  • camp trip
  • adventure in general
  • Boat
  • Train
  • Camper
  • caravan
  • Sports event
  • out and about

What can we actually put in it to make a tasty soup?

We need around half water and half carrot to make a traditional carrot themed soap just put it in with the water and you can prepare it very easy like that but I prefer myself adding in a few spics like chilly spics can make the soups taste amazing, or herbal spics can really boost the flavour each time, but please note once you make the soap it does take a bit of time for it cool down for you to drink it

Leak soap you may think hi but leak tastes a bit boring and yes I think the same way but we can easy jazz up the flavour of it each time all we do add water and leak next we add in some chilly spics, and when it ready to be drunk it should taste very tasty for you I do enjoy making this style a lot since has a wonderful flavour each time and so simple to prepare and I have in the past made for friends who thought I spent a lot of time doing it when I told them I used my soap machine they were speech less since it always tastes like a homemade soap

You can easy add in more than thing with the water each time like I enjoy making carrot +parato +leak+onion I find all these vegetables together give you good flavours though it you can add if you want spics for me the flavours here are already magic, so I don’t see the need of doing that to much here .

How can I work my machine?

First, add the water and vegetables

Next press selection

press chunk it should take between 35-45 minutes to make the actual soup you can use smooth if you want it’s your choice it will be made a bit faster because of it being smooth

Next blend you get 2 different versions of the blend feature depending on which one you brought I actually both styles so I will tell about how to do it each style first you just press blend and it goes for around 1 minute next one you get one you have to keep your finger on while it blends until you get it to the right mix



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