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Benefits of Eggplant

Benefits of Eggplant Why ought to eat eggplant? The natural history of each food with dietary importance is also hidden. Eggplant is a vegetarian food, the majority of people do not like to consume but as you know it has so many benefits. It is a popular vegetable in the ...

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Benefits of Okra

Benefits of Okra  Okra is one of the vegetables which available all the year. Researchers found that by eating okra the stress will be reduced. Okra seeds are also used as a coffee substitute. It has high amount of fiber, which helps to manage the blood sugar level. Adding another ...

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Benefits of guava

Benefits of guava Guava found in fruit that is perhaps not so important in terms of taste, but very high in terms of features. There are many tiny seeds inside it which are very hard but lack the outer layer peels. Thus it is engrossed in the pure state chewing. ...

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